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Tantric Massage London & International bookings worldwide

60 minutes incall - £200

60 minutes outcall - £250

90 minutes incall- £300

90 minutes outcall - £350

Are you in London and looking for a decadently opulent sensual experience that is not only deeply sensual but blissfully stimulating. Do you want to explore pleasure you only thought was 

possible in your your wildest most imaginative dreams.

Tantra is the path of life , the way of fully embracing life and everything it offers us in order to understand about ourselves and others growing into our full potential as a human being. Some more ascetic paths advocate the art of renunciation, stepping out of the  world, Tantric practitioners aim to engage themselves completely and consciously in the flow of life.

In the  Sanskrit word ‘Tantra’, ‘tan’ can be translated as ‘network’ or ‘web’, referring to how the understanding of Tantra not only is the basis behind and unites all relevant esoteric traditions in the world, it also incorporates everything we experience in life into a way of knowing ourselves better.

Another meaning of ‘tan’ is ‘expansion’, while ‘tra’ means instrument. ‘Tantra’ can therefore be translated as an instrument, or method, for the expansion of the consciousness. This expansion takes us from our current (typically limited) view of ourselves to a much more comprehensive view of our true potential and how we fit into the world around us. On the Tantric path we surpass our limitations to say ‘yes’ to life in all its aspects – to love more, to make love more and to embrace fully and consciously our journey in this existence.

Tantra prescribes cultivating and amplifying our innate energies as fully as possible and using these energies to expand our awareness. This implies learning to control our sexual energy, which is the most powerful energy we have, and also the one that we tend to lose the most of. 

Body 2 Body

60 minutes incall - £250

60 minutes outcall - £300

90 minutes incall - £350

90 minutes outcall - £400

A mind-blowing erotic experience. Your whole body will be covered in non-scented or scented massage oil lovingly applied by your incredibly beautiful masseuse to prepare you for the delights to follow. Using both her body and expert hands she will caress you, tantalise and tease you. She will rub her naked body all over yours, first along your back from your head to your toes before turning you over and repeating the process on your front. Your entire body will be caressed by one of our many beautiful masseuses; a naked young Goddess whose soft hands will remain in contact with your skin throughout, never breaking the connection between you, stimulating your erogenous zones, prolonging your pleasure to exquisite ecstasy.

Bathing Ritual POA

fantasy bathing ritual is only moments away.. !

Using an array of branded soaps, essentil oils and super soft cloths and sponges your body will be cleansed and relaxed. Soft hands and silky smooth fingers will sooth and caress every minute part of your body, massaging your head and temples, neck, shoulders, ever further down to your most sensitive area. Even your feet and toes will not escape attention.



Yoni Massage

60 minutes incall - £250

60 minutes outcal - £300

90 minutes incall - £350

90 minutes outcall - £400

Turns out, women have found a new bizarre way for carnal pleasure. The new technique is claimed to be the best way out there.

The sensual act of Yoni Massage is the prodigal new kid in the block. Involving intimate touching of the vagina, the massage is believed to boost the sensitivity and harmony of the area.

It involves a full-body rubdown before paying close and intense attention to the erogenous areas on a woman's body. It also requires massaging and soothing the vaginal walls.

4 Hands Massage

As above but four hands expertly masssaging you. Can you handle this? 

This deccadent lavish treatment was created by our spa therapist experts to give you a experience twice as indulgent as a regular 2 handed massage. Double touch , double intuativley syncronised sweeping and stroking movements start once you close your eyes and allow the therapists to work their magiccally crafted massage which designed to relieve tension from every aching muscle.

Dinner Dates

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Tie n Tease

Simply as the title says we all know what this means , sensations running wild.

Foot Fetish

'Foot Fetish'

For the discerning foot fetish connoisseur we offer a truly delicious treat that will have you begging for more. Lie back as your Goddess explores every inch of your body with her soft, perfectly pedicured and oiled feet. Her toes teasing you, arousing every cell in your body as you succumb to her magic...   Quite simply this is foot worshiper heaven! 


The Dominate-trix' 


60 minutes Incall £995

The Tie and Tease massage includes a truly memorable dominatrix experience, which allows you to enjoy lashings of pleasure with the discipline you expect and deserve. Blindfolded, bound and gagged, as our masseuses put you into pleasurable submission and will surrender to the natural authority of our captivating mistresses.

Sensuous, intelligent, strict mistresses will let your mind run wild, through role-playing fantasies and fetishes which you may have only dreamed about before. An hour with our dominatrix is simply not enough to enjoy the full submissive experience which we offer. You will need to worship your mistress, seek repentance and her approval in this erotic tie and tease scenario.

whats available with a male and female duo

  • Ball busting
  • Trampling
  • Foot worship
  • Toe worship
  • Stocking worship
  • Boot Worship
  • Designer shoe worship
  • Smoking fetish
  • Humiliation
  • Tickle Torture
  • Slave Training
  • CP
  • Wrestle Massage
  • Nipple Torture
  • whipping 

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